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I have been fortunate to be involved in education for 25 years. Since 2011, I have led two very successful and diverse primary schools in Ōtautahi | Canterbury. During this time I have worked with some great and inspiring leaders. 

My greatest career learning (and highlight) has been in a role I took on in 2015 as Foundation Principal of a brand new school. Te Uru Tarata | Lemonwood Grove School is a state of the art facility which was mandated to change the way the New Zealand curriculum outcomes are taught. I am proud of the fact that over time we became a role model for other educational institutions.

My first year was all about the infrastructure – supervising the project management team and ensuring the overall infrastructure would support the environment we needed to deliver education in a new way.

Then came developing the curriculum framework and ensuring this brave new world would deliver what our learners needed and that we had evidence to convince our school community (and board) that the methodology/approach was sound.

The next phase was developing a team of educators and support people who understood, believed in and were passionate about the new way we would deliver the curriculum. Finally came the learners and their whānau – slowly at first but then the numbers increased and along the way each and every one of them had to hear about and understand the vision. Phew!

Five years later, I have handed over the leadership of this fantastic learning environment and I leave knowing we have been successful and the team I leave behind have the tools to continue to develop and grow.

So now where? Well, I am happy to report that I am now fulfilling a long-held desire to share what I have learnt along with the way. I see a real opportunity based on my own experience to grow and develop the capability of leaders not only in schools but also in other organisations. 

I am an ICF accredited coach and use a proven framework to empower individuals and groups. 

I have a passion to inspire people who have a genuine desire to improve. Ultimately we must sustain, invest in and grow the capacity of leaders in roles now, but also in the future. 

I really look forward to working with you and your organisation.

Sean Bailey

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership PGDipEdLead (Cant)
  • Bachelor of Education B.Ed (Otago)
  • Diploma in Teaching (Dip Tchg)
  • Certificate in Executive and Organisational Coaching. International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer

DiSC trainer badge


Credit: The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

What = Result

What is it that you do? What is the result of “Why”?


Increased ability to navigate issues and challenges.

Greater self awareness.

Improved resiliency.

Increased productivity and outcomes.

Happy and healthy leaders.

How = Process

What are the actions you take to realise the “Why”? What makes your company special?

How are you different from your competitors 


Executive and organisational coaching – Structured opportunities to unpack issues and challenges.

Mentoring – Informal opportunities to provide advice, guidance and support both online and face to face.

Leadership learning – resources & tools.

Why = Purpose

The purpose or cause of your organisation. What is the reason that your organisation exists? What is your purpose? What is your belief?


“Helping organisations thrive by enabling and empowering leaders”