We Become What We Think About

Thinking as we know can have both positive and negative effects. So much time can be spent overthinking and worrying about things that have either happened, could happen, or may not happen which as we know, can be a total waste of time and energy!

As a result, we can start to doubt ourselves and question our ability which ultimately has a really negative impact on our core purpose to lead a rich and fulfilling life. We can do better than this!

I recently listened to a podcast that got me thinking about the power of our thoughts. Lewis Howes an influential lifestyle entrepreneur and high-performance business coach in the US interviewed Bob Proctor. 

Proctor is considered to be one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. He teaches people how to understand their hidden abilities to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.

His thinking on how we can achieve ‘success’ is based on some really fundamental principles and years of experience and knowledge. 

Although his thinking and strategies are based around accumulating wealth, they can be applied to any aspect of life where you want to grow both personally and professionally for example, strengthening your leadership skills. Getting rich can be interpreted in a number of ways!

For me, the most important theme that came from this podcast was: we become what we think about.

Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • Although we often can’t change our conditions or circumstances, we don’t have to allow them to control us. We often can’t control what is going on outside, but we can change what’s going on inside. 
  • Everyone has great reservoirs of talent. Keep reminding yourself of this fact!
  • To believe in fear is to believe in something you can’t see. To believe in faith is to believe in something you can see.
  • We need to understand that the universe operates by laws. One of the laws is the Law of opposite. The opposite of doubt and worry is understanding. Become familiar with these laws.
  • We need to be strong enough to say “I’m going to follow my dream” and commit to doing so every day.
  • There is no end to growth, you always need to grow. You have infinite potential. There is no top.
  • The purpose of a goal is not necessarily to reach the goal, it’s the awareness as you go after it. You’re learning who you are. It’s becoming aware of who you are.
  • One of the secrets of getting where you need to go is …. help! Seek the advice of an experienced mentor.
  • Affirmations, gratitude, writing things down is really important. Everyday record down 5-10 things you are grateful for.
  • If you think it, you can do it.

“The only limits in life, are those we impose on ourselves” – Bob Proctor

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