First Quarterly Newsletter – April 2021

Kia ora EmpowerYou followers.

I hope you’re making the most of the fresh autumn days. I love this time of the year and getting out and about enjoying the changes autumn brings to our landscape.

Preparing my newsletters is a great way to reflect on my business and personal milestones and I am happy to report that my coaching work and the people I am connecting and working with feels really fulfilling. My passion remains with education however it is great to have transferable skills and to use my career experience, to support leaders across a wide range of sectors.

Although some of my work is still based in schools in Canterbury and Nelson, I am excited to have contracts with a number of other organisations including Fulton Hogan, Evolve Education, Kings Swim School and the Loan Market. This adds variety to my job! There are some amazing things going on out there especially around leaders wanting to invest in and improve their teams.

Current Leadership Needs

Over recent months my coaching has focused on unpacking why leadership can feel challenging and complex and providing tools and processes to support leaders to refocus priorities and enhance their efforts in relation to planning, building trusting relationships and managing performance.

While these areas are not new or groundbreaking, on a day to day basis it is easy to get distracted from the basics of people management. We all juggle competing priorities after all. My approach is to establish core processes and commit to rigorously applying them and of course, maintaining your own health and wellbeing along the way!

Wellbeing Resource

Speaking of well-being – over the summer holiday I read Jay Shetty’s book – Think Like a Monk. I really appreciated the tools and strategies he shares around making sure you are leading a happy and purposeful life. 

He also has an excellent Podcast called ‘On Purpose’ available on Apple and Spotify. He uses this platform again to share not only his own knowledge and wisdom but also that of other people who are also leading a fulfilling life.

EmpowerYou Website

As most of you will now be aware, in  March I launched the EmpowerYou website. https://www.empoweryounz.co.nz

I have had some great feedback to date – always good to know you are hitting the mark!

If you haven’t jumped into it yet – check it out! The purpose is to:

  1. Create a platform to learn about coaching and leadership. I am continuously developing a number of free tools and resources that leaders can access to use with their teams.
  2. A simple process and book coaching sessions 

Current Coaching Offers

Facebook is a platform I am continuously using to promote my leadership coaching and consultancy services. I am currently running a campaign allowing you to receive 50% discount on coaching conversations. Read my reviews on LinkedIn and the EmpowerYou website to discover how transformational my coaching can be on your performance. 

I have really enjoyed the last few months and feel humbled by the support and encouragement I have received.

If you would like to discuss how my tools and approach can enhance your leadership outcomes – give me a call.

Go well.


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