Achieving Success

Success can be measured in a number of ways. What one leader deems successful may be different for another. I guess what is important is in order to lead successfully, we need to not only focus on what is going well but also reflect on how we can continue to improve. Success builds success, right?  This takes time and a growth mindset.

What leads to successful outcomes for leaders? There are several strategies that successful leaders draw upon that can have a huge impact on an organisation. Here are 5 which have worked for me.

  1. Having a clear understanding of what it is you want to achieve:

Start with the end in mind (future perfect) and then back map the steps needed to achieve the outcome desired. For example, let’s say the goal is to create a culture where employees feel safe at work. Brainstorm all the approaches we might use to ensure this becomes the norm such as acknowledging that mistakes are part of the learning process. 

  1. Work ethic:

I was taught from an early age the importance of working hard to achieve your goals in life. With this understanding comes skills and behaviours such as grit, determination, tenacity, resiliency and most importantly belief. 

  1. Recording Success:

I record the wins and progress I have either on a template on my laptop or a journal. Nothing is more satisfying than looking back at these recordings at the end of a day or week and reflecting on what has been achieved.

  1. Ensuring disappointment or disapproval don’t get in the way:

If you feel passionate about something, you will do all you can to achieve success however as we know, not all things always go according to plan. Be prepared for this by developing some strategies to deal with disappointment and disapproval when it happens. 

  1. Gratitude:

Be grateful for the success you are having by either thanking the universe or the person who helped you get to your outcome. I often write quick emails or send texts to personally acknowledge people who have helped me. This is also a great way to build great connections and relationships with others.


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