Leading With A Growth Mindset?

One leadership text I often pick up and reread is Mindset by Carol Dweck. In fact, I can tell how popular it is by the used condition of the pages! My copy was a gift given to me by Ben Wagstaff a top student from one of the previous schools I led as a leaving gift – Thanks Ben!

I strongly recommend you add this text to your leadership library. Dweck has the powerful ability to not only make us realise the impact either having a fixed or growth mindset can have on our lives and the organisations we work in, but also what we need to do in order to improve the way we operate especially as leaders. 

These are some of the highlights for me from the chapter on Business: Mindset and Leadership. I have also added some questions that you can use to reflect on your own leadership practice. 

Growth Mindset Leaders:

If you would like further support around developing more growth mindset approaches in your organisation, contact me. 

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