Leading With An Infinite Mindset

Most weekends involve some exercise in a special place – Hagley Park in Christchurch. I also use this opportunity to listen to and learn from podcasts that have been recorded by a number of inspirational people I follow. 

One recording that made an impact was Lewis Howe’s interview with Simon Sinek where they discussed The Power of the Infinite Mindset.


My top 10 takeaways from this podcast:

  1. We tend to treat ‘systems’ instead of the ‘cause’ i.e. work-life balance. Running, for example, could be a system (strategy) to control spending too much time at work when leading but only for a short time. What fixes imbalance is better quality leadership in an organisation.
  2. Leadership is a responsibility to the people around us – it’s not a rank.
  3. It’s our god-given right to love to go to work.
  4. Emotional possession of our leaders is critical. Do you view the person who leads your organisation as ‘the leader’ or ‘our leader’? Greater commitment occurs when employees feel emotionally connected to an organisation.
  5. Leaders undertake elements of risk. They ‘go first’ when being courageous and then employees take responsibility to follow them.
  6. The best leaders are also the best followers. They lead in service around a cause and know that there is something bigger than themselves.
  7. Self-confidence comes from the outside, not the inside and develops from the relationships you have and your acts of service. The way we build confidence is ‘with’ and by helping others.
  8. Thinking you’re good is healthy. Thinking you’re better than someone else is unhealthy.
  9. Good followership is just as important as leadership.
  10. For people to be the leader they didn’t have, they need to be ‘students of leadership’ by reading, watching talks, having conversations. You have to be genuinely interested in the subject!

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